I’m Smitten…

March 26, 2010

This is one of the prettiest rings I’ve ever seen… with one of my favorite stones, the amethyst. Do you like?

Pink Amethyst and Diamond Ring in 14 Kt. Rose Gold, $850


Be the Next Big Stylist!

March 25, 2010

Hi everyone!

Long time, no talk. Buenos Aires was a great time. The weather was beautiful -70s every day- and Ariel’s mom’s art show was a hit. I also did A LOT of eating… of some of this:

The Fugazza with Cheese and Onion

and this….

Salmon a la parrilla with papas provencal

And lots of drinking of this:

La Linda Malbec

Anyhow, since I’ve returned, I’ve been entrenched with his contest Rachel Zoe and Piperlime.com are running called “Be The Next Big Stylist.” You can check out the details here.

To quickly summarize, I had to put together three looks (unlimited entries). The first look is for a client’s ten-year high school reunion, the second for a high-powered exec who wants a day-to-night look, and the third a client who needs a dress for a best friend’s wedding. Here’s a look at my top 3:

High School Reunion

Look 1: Ten Year Reunion
Look 1: Ten Year Reunion by outfittedbyalli featuring Kenneth Jay Lane jewelry
From Day to Night
Look 2: From Day to Night
Look 2: From Day to Night by outfittedbyalli featuring Juicy Couture jewelry
Best Friend’s Wedding
Look 3: Best Friend's Wedding
Look 3: Best Friend’s Wedding by outfittedbyalli featuring Abas clutches
Let me know what you think of them and wish me LUCK!

What’s In My Bag – Buenos Aires

March 8, 2010

On Wednesday, I will be journeying once again to one of my favorite cities – Buenos Aires, Argentina. Que bueno!

To give you a taste, here’s what I’m thinking of taking. (The weather has been bright and sunny, with highs around 80.)

buenos aires
buenos aires by outfittedbyalli featuring J Crew tops

JCrew-fabulous Joy

March 5, 2010

I loved Joy’s A+ outfit this week.

Stepping into the wild world of patterns, she totally rocks this watercolor themed skirt.

Nice job, Joy!

The J. Peterman Company

March 1, 2010

I always knew I had an uncanny kinship with Elaine Benes. Our neurotic temperament, wit, dance moves, career choices, love of all things Jewish … I can go on and on.

In the spirit of Elaine, I introduce to you the (REAL!) J. Peterman Company.

(T.J., you’ve made my day with this find!)

Can you believe it really exists?? I can’t. I’m speechless. I want to work for Mr. Peterman and write his catalog descriptions. My new life goal.

Just look at his wares!

The Curved Placket Jacket ($149)

Champs Elysees Dress ($229)

Tie-Belt Pleat Pant ($149)

It looks like Mr. Peterman is based in Lexington, Kentucky… so, maybe I can work remotely?? ; )

Just What I Need…

February 24, 2010


This morning I was enlightened by Shannon over at Wardrobe Review about the new line of clothing over at Lands’ End called Canvas. Seriously, this is the LAST thing I needed to find, folks. In a few words, Canvas appears to be a more moderately priced JCrew (the devil I noted in yesterday’s post).

So, here we go again… let’s see what’s in my imaginary cart.

Women's Shift Dress ($59.50, Landsend.com)

Women's Pattern Poplin Skirt ($59.50, Landsend.com)

Women's Bow Tie Shirt ($39.50, Landsend.com)

Women's Canvas Cargo Pants ($49.50, Landsend.com)

JCrew is the Devil… and More Cute Shoes

February 23, 2010

My pal Joy just received these precious little things in the mail today… and they’re surprisingly really, really great! I say surprisingly because they’re marketed as “rain shoes” and they’re rubber… and usually that doesn’t make for pretty.

At the affordable price of $55, I would say to get one in every color (but that’s just me). You can definitely get your wear out of these, and it definitely does not need to be raining outside to wear them.

Joy thinks they fit a little snug, and they only come in whole sizes, so I would order up.

Rainy day ballet flats ($55, JCrew.com)

Oh, and JCrew is the devil because they keep sending me these damn “extra 20% off” emails. Stop, I beg of you! You don’t know what this does to me!