JCrew is the Devil… and More Cute Shoes

My pal Joy just received these precious little things in the mail today… and they’re surprisingly really, really great! I say surprisingly because they’re marketed as “rain shoes” and they’re rubber… and usually that doesn’t make for pretty.

At the affordable price of $55, I would say to get one in every color (but that’s just me). You can definitely get your wear out of these, and it definitely does not need to be raining outside to wear them.

Joy thinks they fit a little snug, and they only come in whole sizes, so I would order up.

Rainy day ballet flats ($55, JCrew.com)

Oh, and JCrew is the devil because they keep sending me these damn “extra 20% off” emails. Stop, I beg of you! You don’t know what this does to me!


2 Responses to JCrew is the Devil… and More Cute Shoes

  1. kenyandesi says:

    I concur that these shoes are quite adorable. And that JCrew is evil because those 20% off emails really are tempting!

  2. […] This morning I was enlightened by Shannon over at Wardrobe Review about the new line of clothing over at Lands’ End called Canvas. Seriously, this is the LAST thing I needed to find, folks. In a few words, Canvas appears to be a more moderately priced JCrew (the devil I noted in yesterday’s post). […]

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