Best. Idea. EVER

Wow, wow, and wow. Have you all heard of the new site, Rent the Runway? I was reading about it online at, and it sounded right up my alley, so I tried signing up but got wait listed. Low and behold, my friend Becky had been “invited” to join by another friend, so she was able to pass along the invitation to me (thanks, Beck!).

Here’s the deal: Similar to the Netflix model, you choose your dress(es), schedule a delivery date, and your dress will be delivered within a few days (they offer next-day and same-day delivery if you live in NYC). You can keep the dress for up to 4 days (standard), or 8 days at an additional fee, and they let you choose an additional size for the dress at no extra cost, just in case. Once you’re done, you just slip the dress into the pre-paid package and drop it in the nearest mailbox. Prices range from $50-$200, and there a bunch of sizes (0-10) available.

rtr logo

Why I love this:

  • NO dry cleaning necessary.
  • It’s very economical.
  • No more getting in trouble for my overflowing closet : )

Why I don’t love this:

  • I didn’t think of it first!
  • It’ll be tricky taking any of these dresses on vacations with the alloted rental time.

If you’d like an invite to join this very fun club, leave a comment and I’ll see if I can add you!


One Response to Best. Idea. EVER

  1. Becky says:

    You’re welcome. 😉

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