What I Wore

This week’s “What I Wore” is a fun one. Lord oh lord did I struggle with this sweater!

alli anthro blue sweater 2

Here we have another sweater from Anthro. Unfortunately, it’s off the site so I don’t have a brand or price for you. What I love about this sweater is the beautiful pattern – kind of reminds me of wearing henna. I also really liked the cowl neck and the non-itchy wool.  What I didn’t love about the sweater was how cropped it came. Luckily, I had my high-waisted J Brand skinny jeans that came up right to where the sweater fell (at a little passed my belly button –  so you get an idea of how short it was).

My definite favorite part of the outfit remain the boots. I pined after these ruby reds the entire winter last year until, alas, they went on sale! I think they were originally something crazy like $350… but I snatched ’em up as soon as I saw them go down.

red boots

So, there you have it: cropped, skinny, and red. Ariel gave me a thumbs-down when he got home, but of course I still like it. What do you think?

PS: Anyone have any good buys over the weekend?


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