What I wore – new feature!

Each week I will deconstruct one of my outfits, showing you where to buy each item along with the cost. Hopefully you’ll agree that my outfit choices are worthy : ) Also, if you have your eye on something that you’d like me to review, let me know below in the comments section and if I have it, I’ll post it, and if I don’t, I’ll go to the store and try it on for you. Deal?

alli, white sweatercoat 2

Ok, let’s break it down. The star of the show is the “Bubbling Up Sweater,” $148 (mind you, I bought this at 40% off with my discount). That aside, I think this sweater is a great winter staple. Every year I look to purchase a “driving coat” from JCrew, but I can never bite the bullet with the price, and the fact that a sweater coat has a very short shelf life between fall and winter. I was so worried that this sweater was going to swallow me up with its oversized collar and longer length. Alas, all I needed was a little sleeve roll and I was good to go. I thought of adding a belt, too, but the wooden buttons are just too adorable to be hidden behind some belt. Again, the sweater does fit larger, so I would purchase a size down.

Next up are my delicious “soft ochre”-colored toothpick ankle cords, $69 (on sale!), from JCrew. I was SO hesitant in buying these because when I tried them on in the store, the 26’s were SNUG and they didn’t have the next size. I was worried I would never wear them for this reason, but the sales associate convinced me that they really do stretch out, and that the stretchy material is what gives it the beautiful caramel color.

Well, that’s it ’til next week’s “deconstruction.” Thanks, Anj, for being my photographer!


3 Responses to What I wore – new feature!

  1. SS says:

    Where did you get the scarf? It’s beautiful!

  2. ah! Urban Outfitters, about a year ago?

  3. Krystle says:

    I’m so happy you started this feature… I always wonder where you get your great clothes!

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