All about plaid

Plaid is so fall-ish and comfortable. It’s like a dish of meatloaf (meatless meatloaf, of course!) or mac n cheese on a cold day… the comfort food of clothing! It can be tricky, though, so don’t be fooled. If you wear plaid the wrong way, you may as well put a Carhartt hat atop your head and move on!


Now, done the right way, plaid can look chic. You can do this by adding a belt to an oversized plaid shirt, or find a plaid in a different fabric – like silk!

…today is rainy again, so I was feeling plaid in my bones. I did, however, have some trouble with what I just described above. I ALMOST gave up and wore the plaid, unaccessorized, and walked out the door because I was running late (as usual). But, alas, I found a thin brown belt that was hiding in the back and so I made it work.

Here are some ensembles to get you thinking…

Oh, and ps – if you’re a bike rider and you love plaid, check this out!

Plaids by outfittedbyalli featuring Anthropologie

2 Responses to All about plaid

  1. Joy says:

    I love plaid! But, admittedly, am afraid to wear it. I think it makes me look like a hunter or something. But I will try what you suggested and let you know if it’s Plaid chic or Plaid FAIL!

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